RSR Shipping partners up with Involtum

Boosting shore power together

RSR Dockings reached out to Involtum to operate the shore power boxes. Our goal? Turning docking stations more sustainable by installing shore power on the docking stations in places like Volkach and Düsseldorf. Involtum (Rotterdam, 11 employees, founded 2012) is the European market leader for activation and payment services of sustainable power supplies. Involtum brands include Walstroom, Call-Bill, ParkandPower, NomadPower and various white-labels. Every year Involtum manage more than 500,000 transactions for 50,000 users at over 250 locations across Europe. The number of users is growing by more than 30,000 a year. This experience and the professionalism of the employees convinced us that Involtum is a good partner to RSR Dockings.

The brand and service Walstroom from Involtum offers dock companies like RSR Dockings, waterside operators and local authorities the opportunity to provide an easy and professional way to pay for electricity and water. Walstroom makes diesel generators redundant. Participating ports purchase green power, meaning no more harmful emissions. Walstroom eliminates noise from these generators for both the guests on the ships as well as the local citizens.

Together with Involtum we can stick to our philosophy of sustainability and innovation.