The name says it all:

RSR Dockings is well-known for operating a number of docking facilities on the Rhine and Main rivers, the Main-Danube Canal, the Danube and the Moselle. Further projects are already in the pipeline.


All these docking facilities were built through our excellent and friendly collaboration with SBS Andernach GmbH, a partnership that has grown far beyond a normal business cooperation. We would like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how a docking facility is constructed.

Managing Director Matthias Schmitt presents the company:

“We are a company of 50 employees and operate predominantly in German-speaking countries. We plan, design, build, assemble and maintain floating facilities. The construction department features shipbuilding and mechanical engineers, structural engineers, design engineers and technical draughtsmen.”


The social aspect is also very important to SBS Andernach, something that not only RSR Dockings is inspired by:

“SBS and its employees are involved in various projects and were awarded the Deutscher Bürgerpreis [German citizens’ award] at local level by the chief administrative officer of the Mayen-Koblenz district in recognition of their civic commitment to integration, inclusion, living together and growing closer. SBS was also awarded the Deutscher Bürgerpreis at national level in the same areas as a ‘committed entrepreneur’.”


So the motto “We build bridges” should be understood not just literally but also from a social perspective.

“Our experience allows us to quickly identify individual customer needs and desires and translate them into concrete planning,” explains Matthias Schmitt. “As a result, our jetties are not just functional and sophisticated docking facilities for ships, but above all also a guarantee of maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. Fluctuations in water levels are compensated for by appropriate structures and anchoring options, depending on bank conditions and the distance to the channel.”


In SBS Andernach, RSR Dockings has found a trustworthy and highly competent construction partner with whom it plans a long-term collaboration. Further cooperation projects with SBS are already in the pipeline.