Docking Oestrich-Winkel finished

Expanding our horizons

RSR Dockings keeps on searching for new exciting places to dock. Just a few weeks after christening our docking place in Forchheim, the construction of our next two docking facilities in Oestrich-Winkel has been finalized and are now on open to be used.

Situated on the widest spot of the Rhine, Oestrich-Winkel connects Rüdesheim am Rhein and Mainz. This turns Oestrich-Winkel into the perfect starting point to discover the surrounding places, as we are used to from Rüdesheim. Nevertheless, Oestrich-Winkel itself also has a lot to offer, from the Brentano house, summer residence of Goethe, the Grimm brothers and other friends of the family Brentano, up to biking/walking tours through the historical village and vineyards. Oestrich-Winkel is as well known for its vineyards among the castle Vollrads, one of the oldest vineyards worldwide!

To get a glass of high-class wine, the guests of river cruise ships do not need to go a long way in the future, as Allendorf winery, who closely works with RSR Dockings, is currently realizing its own project right next to the dock.