A brand new docking facility: Volkach

Enjoy Volkach and the Mainschleife, a historical, culinary and cultural attraction between W├╝rzburg and Bamberg. The wine town of Volkach is the center of the Mainschleife and has over 1,100 years of local history. About a quarter of the Franconian vineyards are cultivated in this region. Four winegrower cooperatives and more than 150 self-marketing vintners are located here within a radius of 15 kilometers. The Mainschleife is the largest contiguous wine-growing region in Franconia. Some of the best winemakers in Germany and the world call this place home!

Leave with us beaten tourist paths and experience the region with exceptional explorer and connoisseur tours!

On foot, by bus, by train, by bike or by raft - the sights of the Mainschleife can be discovered in many ways!