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VolkachOur docking place in Volkach are located at the Main river. Book this docking for the 2021 season, and enjoy a promotional price as displayed in the information fiche!

Why not make Volkach and the Loop of the River Main, situated between Wuerzburg and Bamberg, the destination of a great excursion? Full of historical, cultural and culinary attractions.

The town of Volkach is at the center of the Loop of the River Main and boasts 1100 years of documented history and wine-growing. About a quarter of all wine harvested in Franconia is grown within this region four cooperatives and over 150 direct-selling wine-growers are based within a ten-mile radius. The Loop of the River Main is the largest connected expanse of vineyards in the whole of Franconia. It is the home of some of the best wine-growers in Germany and indeed in the world!


Leave the beaten tourist track and get to know the region intimately by joining in one of the specially selected tours of discovery and delight. Whether on foot, by coach, by rail, by bike or on a raft – the sights and pleasures of the Loop of the River Main can be experienced in many different and unique ways.