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StraubingThe berth in Straubing is located at river kilometer 2321,1 on the right bank of the Danube. It provides safe dockings for ships with a size of up to 135 meters and can accommodate 2 ships at the same time.

Take advantage of Straubing being an attractive excursion destination. Even the early voyagers, the first tourists of the 19th century, were thrilled by the beauty of Straubing. Its location at the banks of the Danube, the spacious and lively town square, the various churches and monuments still thrill the visitors nowadays. Straubing also suits as drop off and re-embarkation port if you choose to visit the numerous sights and excursion destination in the surrounding country.


Straubing – the old Bavarian ducal city on the Danube

Would you like to become more familiar with the true Bavarian way of life of friendly people? Would you like to discover the secrets of beer brewing? Would you like to learn more about Bavaria’s most tragic love story? – Then you should visit Straubing on the Danube. The museum displays the world-famous and unique „Roman Treasure“ of Straubing. Precious jewels were excavated out of hundreds of graves of the early Bavarians. A historical center with excellent Gothic and Baroque art and architecture works awaits you here.

Take a walk around one of Bavaria’s most beautiful marketplaces. Admire and climb the steps of the mighty town tower. Let yourself be tempted by comfortable restaurants and cafés offering local specialties. In Straubing urban construction and culture form a harmonious unit. Straubing is cosmopolitan as well and can face the future optimistically with its Science Center for Renewable Resources. Straubing: This is the place where you can feel the heartbeat of Bavaria in its purest form.