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Oestrich-WinkelWorld famous for its wine yards in the romantic Rhine valley, situated at the widest spot of the Rhine. Culture and tradition are deep in the heart of this wine-growing area called Rheingau.

Oestrich-Winkel lays in the center of Rheingau, about 20 kilometers westwards of the Hessian state capital; Wiesbaden and 50 kilometers westwards of Frankfurt at the shore of the Rhine. With a passenger cabin ship, the trip to Rüdesheim takes about 30 minutes, 1 hour to Mainz respectively. The town was founded out of the famous wine villages Oestrich, Mittelheim, Winkel, and Hallgarten in the late seventies of the 20. Century. Oesrich-Winkel has over 70 wine yards. Many of them are internationally known, their wines can be found on the menus of top of the art culinary institutes. One of those wine yards is the oldest wine yard known in the world, the castle Vollrads. There are many farms, which surround the city, most of them are not bigger than ¼ acre.


Historically, there is a lot to see in Oestrich-Winkel. The district Oestrich has a rich history which is dated back to the 12 century. The iconic wine loading crane greets visitors coming to Winkel since 1745. It is considered to be the monument of the city. A few years later, the Brentanohaus was built. Besides the family Brentano, this house hosted Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the brothers Grimm as well as other famous guests. By now, the house operates as culinary hotspot in Winkel, the family Allendorf serves delicious food as well as their frequently awarded wines.

Many of the city’s activities are influenced by winemaking. There are wine cellar tours, wine yard hikes as well as wine tastings. This ensures that every visitor can follow the local heritage from grape to glass, close to the source of it all.