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ForcheimPicturesque timber-framed architecture and historical buildings are characteristic of Forchheim. Book this docking for the 2021 season, and enjoy a promotional price as displayed in the information fiche!

Numerous boutiques around the market place and the pedestrianized main street invite the visitor to stroll in and look around. Europe's medieval history is recalled in the Kaiserpfalz the former palace of the Prince-Bishops of Bamberg; the fate of kings has been decided here. Now in June each year, the palace yard is taken over by creative artists and customers at the very popular arts and crafts market. 

The pride and joy of Forchheim is its town hall. No matter how pressed for time a visitor may be this masterpiece of timber-framed construction should not be missed. To the east, on the outskirts of town the woodland area of the Kellerwald accommodates over 20 bierkeller offering a wide choice of highly palatable local beers and typical Franconian foods. With seating for up to 30000 guests the Kellarwald is probably the biggest beer garden in the world which is in keeping with Forchheim's long brewing tradition. In 1852 the town had 33 breweries, far fewer than the 60 in Bamberg where the Bishop resided, but way ahead in terms of population to brewery ratio. Today there are still four family-run breweries in Forchheim producing around 40 different varieties of beer. Particularly on festive occasions established traditions come to the fore.

At Easter the well in front of the town hall is dressed with thousands of hand decorated eggs. The high point of the year is the Annafest at the end of July when the bierkeller in the Kellerwald are full to overflowing. During the Christmas period the facade of the Town Hall is transformed into the world's most picturesque advent calendar - each evening the Christmas Angel opens the next door of the calendar to the delight of the visitors. Forchheim is worth a visit at every season of the year!