Düsseldorf Messe

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Düsseldorf MesseOur docking Facility at Düsseldorf Messe is located at river kilometer 748.160 on the right bank of the Rhine. It provides safe dockings for two ships with a size of up to 135 meters.

Düsseldorf Messe is home to fairs such as Medica, ProWein, Interpack, … but also conveniently located with a direct public transport connection to the vivid city center of Düsseldorf. No wonder this location is seen as the perfect place to dock as a temporary hotel ship, floating hospitality facility or as an alternative stopover during a journey. Düsseldorf Messe has it all.

Our docking spot is located on less than 5 minutes walking from the convention center, making it the perfect location to get closer to the exciting events taking place in the northern part of Düsseldorf than ever. 

Located in between the Düsseldorf airport and the city center, this gateway creates endless possibilities for a flexible stay in the city, known for its Altstadt and Königsallee.

Our docking facility in Düsseldorf Messe is the perfect addition to our facilities in the city center and offers guests new perspectives for professional or personal visits to the city.